1. This (society) organization looks after the issues and its development of the NGOS and helpful to them those who are doing the various activities and welfare programmers, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region& social status.

2. To support the youth and the children of the vulnerable and down trodden public like orphans old age. Widows and differently abled.
   a. To organize workshop and training for youth to cop-up and to gain the skills and take up job in their career & sports at state level and international level.
    b. To conduct awareness programmes on the right to information Act (RTI) and on Human Rights Commission(HRC).

3. Art and cultural promote and encouragement.
   a. Like pouranika Natakalu, dance and music.
   b. Devotional songs and folk songs.

4. To render a medical help for the rural, agricultural & and migrated Communities.
    a. Conduct Medical camps
    b. Distribute medical aid
    c. Give awareness on health, hygiene & Drugs Control.
    d. Give awareness on cancer and AIDS Control.

5. To create a Network to encourage the various NGOS to the programme in Various fields as to train and instruct adults & children beggars in GHMC Hyderabad and TS areas to rehabilable genuine beggars.
    a. Case study of the beggars.
    b. Skill development and training programmes.
    c. Counselling and medical assistance.

6. Education and skill development programmes for socially and economically backward sections.
    a. Basic computer courses
    b. English Communication Skills.

7. Women empowerment, dowry Aids,
    a. Give awaraness for youth on Govt. Schemes
    b. Awareness of Mahila Mandali group Schemes

8. Industrial promote small Entrepreneurship Development
    a. Awareness on Industrial pollution Control

9. We solicit to receive funds localy state level, Central level & international level.